IC1365 and NGC 7606

The COAST telescope of the Open University on Tenerife has supplied me with new stuff to process!

One really dim galaxy, but an interesting one: IC 1365. It’s an interacting galaxy in a compact group. Mag 14.6 in Equuleus. Discovered on September 28, 1891 by a boy. Yep. A boy named Edward Swift. It is 678 million light years distant. Give or take a few.

IC 1365

The other one is NGC 7606. A cool spiral galaxy in Aquarius. Visually not much to look at without a BIG scope (16″ or more I think will be needed). I also inverted this one for your viewing pleasure.

The next nights I am going to try to capture 40 more lights. This one right now has only 5 frames in it and that’s not nearly enough for a proper picture. Also I will capture colour.

NGC 7606

NGC 7606 inverted

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