Lunar eclipse July 28th

On the 28th of July I visited the Lunar eclipse meeting the public observatory Sterrenwacht Midden-Nederland organised in a field near Leusden, South of Amersfoort. I am a member of the board there but this time a couple of others organised the event. And with great success as around 1,500 people showed up! An all-time record for our club! The last was from September 2011 when 500 showed up at an event I organised here in Amersfoort. Good times! Also, about 2,000 people where watching the event from the area we had our event in. The couldn’t all fit in the field 😉

I brought my 8″ dobson along to show site folks the Moon and also the planets Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. During the eclipse I myself looked at M31 and M13, something I was never before able to do during a full moon!

The field when it wasn’t even half full

Some shots I made through the eyepiece with my iPhone SE

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