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ATM part 3.5 and Siril

Yesterday I figured out were to put the three holes for the mirror cell. A day earlier I field tested the telescope by pointing it at the moon and just simply placing the mirror in the back of the tube somewhere. After some iterations of that not-so-scientific process I learned that the holes should be exactly around sort of 6 centimetres up from the bottom end of the OTA. Yesterday I drilled the actual holes only to notice one minute later that the three bolts that hold the mirror cell in place are too short. So that was that and I will therefore mount the mirrror cell somewhere next week as I have no time for it at the moment.


Spidervane & ancient focuser installled!

The other thing I’m going to work on again is a workflow for astro capturing on a Linux platform. For capturing with a DSLR I haven’t got a clue yet what to use but for processing Siril is the way to go. Capturing with a webcam is easy enough with WxAstroCapture and then saving the individual frames as one TIF file each. But unfortunately astrofotography is a very time consuming hobby so not much progress is being made there…

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