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Moon and Jupiter, garden session 20-01

Yesterday morning we were treated on a nice close conjunction of the moon and Jupiter. Today was not as good a show but it was still a nice wide conjunction to look at. And my telescope was still in the back of the car so I took it out and set it up in the garden. It didn’t need much time cooling off since it was in the car all night.  The moon was nice to glance over. I haven’t seen it much in this phase because I am no early bird. But Jupiter had my interest this morning. Again, to test the optics.

Shot through iPhone 5s at eyepiece. Some Snapseed editing done.

I wasn’t disappointed. At all! At 120x (14mm * 1,5 barlow) I could see loads of details and some moons. After a few minutes the GRS rotated in to view close to Europa. It was easily visible, and reddish too. In fact it was one of the best views I have ever had of this planet!

Right now I am suspecting the mirror set to be of pretty good quality. I have looked through quite a bunch of telescopes in the last couple of years and the views this scope gives are pretty good! I am very interested in seeing how it will manage with the new mirror coating and 50 mm secondary mirror.

For now I am very happy with the views this 8 incher is providing!

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