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Telrad Deluxe testdrive Moon & Jupiter on April 3rd

Last week I finally managed to DIY my “Telrad Deluxe”. That’s an ordinary Telrad finder with a powered dew-protector hacked in to it. One of the major gripes I have with any finder with glass involved is that they are terribly susceptible to dew. Especially the Telrad with it’s huge glass surface is prone to be fogged up quickly!

On the Interwebz I read about some folk that managed to squeeze in a resistor and a switch with a battery attached to the outside. I figured I could do a bit better by having the battery inside the Telrad as well and also adding a nice LED light to show if the thing is on or not.

Yesterday I tested the Telrad Deluxe in not-so-damp conditions. A little breather on the glass did the trick of emulating a nice and dewy night out in the field. And lo and behold… within several minutes the fogged up glass was clear again. Great!

Next up: a small 7Ah powertank modeled after the big 42Ah one I used to own. I sold it because it was to big to handle but I do need another one for the 8″ telescope’s dew protectors.

Also I imaged the Moon again and, to my surprise, I even managed to capture Jupiter with some bright moons with my iPhone 5s. It’s not much to look at but the progress that is being made on digital camera’s is just amazing!

Jupiter with bright moons

Quarter Moon

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