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AR2665 is a biggie!

Today I got word of the really, REALLY big sunspot AR2665 which is now well visible. The 8″ dob was out in the garden in no time at all and the DIY solar filter was put to good use again. Really happy with it!

AR2665 is enormous! The guesstimations are in the order of 5 times the size of the Earth or 75.000 kilometers across. It’s the biggest one since I saw AR1515 in 2012.

I managed to squeeze out a not-so-sharp but good enough picture of AR2665 with my iPhone SE (the 5s is gone):


To compare, here’s AR1515 as shot by me in 2012


I’m really suprised to see such huge sunspots even now in 2017, well over the solar maximum. And I am interested to see AR2665 evolve over the coming days.

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