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Two globulars from my backyard

After putting the scope back together earlier this week, I’d thought it would be nice to test the performance on two famous globular: M3 and M13. In short: the thing works. It’s no OOUK mirror for sure, but it’s perfectly fine for the incidental observing session. Of those I am not planning a few, as they would not be incidental if I would. But I am. Hush don’t tell.

I could easily resolve stars in M13 from my terribly light polluted garden. I have looked through my fair share of telescopes and the view I had is on par with what I would expect from a simple 8″ dobsonian telescope. Considering the state the mirror is in I am quite anxious to see how this optical train will perform once I’ve had the primary mirror coated anew and with the 50 mm secondary mirror mounted!

Also, I made the dew protection work on the current undersized secondary mirror. It’s running on two 1.2V AAA batteries and those will hopefully last two or three sessions depending on how often I will have to burn off the dew. Not often I expect since it’s a closed tube OTA.

The spider

To wrap off this session I had one more look as the GRS appeared on the disk. The seeing wasn’t all to good and tomorrow is a workday so I only spent another ten minutes behind the eyepiece before putting the scope away.


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