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New gear from China

It’s Christmas! Well, no. But I did receive a bunch of tiny packages from China.

First there was this eyepiece. A Celestron (I doubt if it’s a real one) bought through eBay for a mere €22 instead of the €45 plus shipping I would pay for it here in The Netherlands. I had a quick view at the sun through it and that looked fine. I will test it on deepsky during a next new moon.

In the same package was a 1.25” green filter. I ordered it because they said it was a #58 but it is a lot lighter than the number 58 I have been using for a while now. But that one also wasn’t a proper Wratten filter so maybe this new one is the real deal. Since green filters, including the 58, only give a marginal better view I’m not too worried.

Then, today, the SVBONE UHC filter made it to my mailbox. It’s not a real UHC filter as the ones made by Astronomik or Lumicon or Baader but it does actually perform quite well. I’ve read one thorough review by someone on the Cloudynights forum where this particular filte performed about the same as other wider band CLS-ish filters. It states a 100% improvement as opposed to not using filter. The expensive UHC or the NPB filter give a 300% improvement. So (and I’m being really unscientific here…) you could say this filter costs 1/6th of a more renowned filter but performs at one third of it. I paid €13 for it….

I’m going to try out this filter next new moon and will compare it to a NPB filter.

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