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Perseid Aug 13, bino session and ATM

This year’s Perseids were not visible in The Netherlands due to lots of clouds. I had better luck because I was in the Belgian Ardennes region on a pretty dark campsite. It’s on a hill looking North so it’s no good for proper stargazing but for the Perseids I had a front row seat!

All in all I saw about 30-40 pretty bright Perseids and some other lost souls. One of ’em even headed for Perseus! And then there were some very faint ones but six were very bright and long and definately Perseids!

Besides the falling stars I had a little gaze through my Bresser 10×50 bino at:

  • a possible asteroid sweeping by Messier 31 at 23:41. I’ll have to check…;
  • M31 itself was huge! A large, elongated streak of light. Cool!
  • Double Cluster easily visible with the naken eye;
  • M101 visible as a deformed smudge of light. Pretty easy catch!
  • M81 and M82 were visible as two tiny patches of light;
  • Kemble’s Cascade was looking good as ever. I can now find it no problem;
  • One Perseid straight through my bino while looking at the Double Cluster. Unfortunately my brother in law was in the way for half of it 🙂
  • and last but not least I glimpsed comet P21 near Cas. Right after the clouds rolled in….

All in al a very nice Perseid evening with some bonus objects! I did not use the 5″ table dobson at all. I am not a fan of the design and liked my bino more.

By the time I write this my mirror is at Sterrenwacht Almere for a new coat of paint er…. aluminium and silicium. First the coat will be removed and if the mirror itself is not damaged (it might be affected by years of bird poo….) it will get the new coat. If it is damaged it will be discarded and I will have to go and look for another 8″ mirror. FIngers crossed.

Mirror coat before


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