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Unboxing the ES LER 5.5mm 62 degree eyepiece

A while ago I sold my 5mm orthoscopic eyepiece. In my F6 dobson it was not usable because of the tiny hole orthos have. Eye relief was only 3 mm and those two things didn’t make a joy to use.

So I opted for an Explore Scientific LER 5.5mm eyepiece with a 62 degree FOV. I got it today, unboxed it and then went ahead and stored it in the eyepiece case as it is mainly cloudy now and the seeing is crap @ 2.5 arcs.

I will try it out next new moon or maybe sooner on Jupiter/Saturn and the Moon. Build quality appears to be great: this is not a flimsy eyepiece and it’s a lot heavier than I thought it would be!

With this my main eyepieces are this one, a 9mm Celestron 66 degree and a 20mm Meade S5000 SWA 70/71/72? degree eyepiece. To me that is enough although I will probably replace the 9mm eyepiece with a ES LER 62 degree model somewhere this year too.

Wil Tirion design box – lovely!

Nice but useless (to me) bag

Solid eyepiece

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