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Moon w/14″

Yesterday May 2. I had a nice look at the moon. That does not happen often but I must admit I could see many details so easily it was much more fun than it was before I had this large telescope.
At the same time, somewhere in another garden in Amersfoort, Wim was looking through his newly acquired 24″ dobson. Both scopes were made by Frans van Schaik and both Wim and me are really pleased with our new scopes!

First I had a look with the 36mm plössl eyepiece Frans gifted me. Luna shone brightly and floated freely in this eyepiece. There’s a picture of it here. Tycho’s terraced crater walls looked crisp, the shield volcanos near crater Hortensius (the “Hortensius Domes”) were very easily seen at 150x. Floor fractures, Vallis Alpes, Mare Imbrium and its 10-20km small craters and Sinus Iridum -the crater that lost an entire rim in lava- all were nice to look at. The highlight of the evening to me were two small craterlets in large crater Plato. They were the biggest craterlets in it but as they are only just 2,5 kilometres in size I was really awestruck by being able to see that level of detail. Especially with a seeing this bad. I think I must be able to see the <2 kilometer ones too!

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