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NGC 3628 through COAST

NGC 3628 in Leo is one of the three galaxies that make up the famous Leo’s Triplet. This galaxy is a mere 30 million lightyears away which is not that far on the cosmic scale. It was discovered in 1784 already by James Herschel. The guy that discovered many of these nebulae. Humanity did not know what these nebulae were until Edwin Hubble found out they were all galaxies in their own right. That was only in the 20’s of the previous century. I captured this image using a remote telescope run by The Open University in the UK. The scope is located on Tenerife. Still gathering more data on it so there will be a better version one day soon. Processed by Maarten Rolefes using PixInsight I think this is a decent result. (For the ones that know this galaxy: that blue dot is most likely a ghost image of some star that was imaged before mine were taken)

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