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Garden session June 25.

These days I have hardly any energy to go on a real observing session out there, somewhere. Nights are short and not very dark. So hardcore observing can be done only between 01:00 and 03:00 and during a normal day of the week that hardly ever happens.

Luckily my dobson is a bit of a grab ‘n go telescope too! I set it up in daylight next to the shed and at around midnight I had a look at a couple of things. List in no particular order:

  • M13 the mother of all globulars
  • M57 classic PN
  • M27 also a classic PN
  • Albireo is the famous bright blue and yellow optical double star in Cygnus
  • Omicron Cygni a.k.a. 30 Cygni (Flamsteed) which consists of no less than three star systems!
  • couldn’t find the Blinking Planetary which I found weird as it is pretty bright..
  • could hardly see the Veil Nebula with NPB filter
  • finally bagged the famous “double double” in Vega (Epsilon Lyrae)

All in all not a bad score for a night under extremely bright skies. Having 14 inches of aperture is luxurious! Having it this light is ridiculous. I will change something to the way the trusses are mounted to the LTA soon so I can load it in a small vehicle too. The station wagon will soon be sold and I will try Greenwheels for a while. This thing will fit but only if the trusses can be taken off easily.

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