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A collimation story

Last Tuesday couldn’t get the collimation right on my telescope. It has one of those helical focuser and I noticed the laser collimator I got from Ebay (SVBONY) was off. So I borrowed a proper one together with a TS Concenter.

While going through the collimation process I noticed right away not only was my collimator off….the helical focuser itself also wobbles quite a bit. After a bit of fiddling with it I found a surefire way to have it stable. I could start the collimation.

Now, doing a collimation isn’t that hard. But I keep forgetting how to do it as my observing sessions are sometimes months apart. Using the trusty Cheshire eyepiece (also an SVBONY) I did the collimation.


That’s better than it ever looked!

I also had the Concenter but at first I was in doubt as to how to use it. Now that collimation was achieved it was immediately clear what this Concenter is for:


You notice collimation is off again. This is due to the focuser not being entirely stable apparently. But is is still perfectly acceptable for visual observing.
I don’t think there’s an advantage to the Concenter. Also you need quite a bit of bright light (white too) to be able to use it. The Cheshire I can use in the dark with just a red head lamp. So I will stick with that for now.

After collimation clouds so no observing. Maybe next time.

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