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I currently use the following gear for astronomy:
Telescopes & Mounts

  • 14″ F4.3 truss dobsonian

Eyepieces and stuff

  • Meade S5000 20mm SWA 70 degrees
  • Celestron (or is it?) 9mm 66 degrees
  • Explore Scientific 5.5mm 62 degrees



  • iPhone 5s 🙂

Other stuff

  • Dew-Not for 2″ eyepieces
  • DIY dew controller (“rwagter” design)
  • Sky & Telescope Pocket Sky Atlas
  • Objects in the Heavens v6
  • TriAtlas B printed on A3
  • modded Telrad w/dew-protection
  • Cheshire collimation tool
  • Red headlight

Stuff I used to own

  • 8″ F6 DIY dobson, gifted to Dave who helped me a lot with it
  • Baader Genuine ortho 5mm
  • Vixen-style RDF Dew-Not
  • Baader laser Colli Mk III
  • Howie Glatter Tublug2
  • Celestron 7hA powertank
  • DIY 47Ah powertank
  • Lumicon OIII filter
  • Explore Scientific 11mm 82 degrees
  • Explore Scientific 6.7mm 82 degrees
  • Orion Shorty barlow (the one made in Japan)
  • Sumerian Optics 10″ Propus prototype II w/OOUK Research Grade mirror @ o.980 strehl
  • Vixen RDF on the Propus
  • Wratten 80A filter
  • Orion Skyglow filter 1.25″
  • Baader Solar Continuum filter 1.25″
  • Skywatcher RDF
  • Point Grey Research FireFly MV 0.3 monochrome CMOS webcam
  • Teleskop Service’s TSZ7 7-21mm zoom eyepiece
  • 35mm TS superplossl Wide Angle
  • TS 2″ 91% diagonal
  • 1.25″ Dew-Not on the finder scope
  • 0.96″ Dew-Not on the secondary mirror
  • Kokusai Kohki 5mm orthoscopisch oculair
  • Meade S5000 28mm Super Wide Angle
  • Canon 400D unmodified
  • Meade Lightbridge 12″ (dobson)
  • Vixen Polaris mount w/ADM Vixen-style dovetail mod & EQ drive
  • Lunt Herschel wedge 1.25″
  • Intes Herschel wedge 2″
  • DFK41 AU02 AS astronomical webcam
  • Baader CaK filter
  • Baader ND3 filter
  • Robtics 70mm F6 ED doublet
  • Long Perng 3mm long eye relief (super plossl)
  • Philips SPC900 webcam, unmodified in color RAW
  • Baader Hyperion Zoom Mark III
  • Vixen Shuttle Scope 80S
  • Astronomik UHC-E 1.25″ filter
  • Unmodified Canon Eos 350D
  • Orion T2 ring & extension tube
  • Canon 350D AC adapter (12v)
  • Meade 6SN on a Meade LXD75 mount
  • Celestron C6-N on a Skywatcher EQ5 with Synta RA drive and polar finder;
  • modded Philips Vesta Pro webcam (SC 1.5 mod);
  • Bresser 114m newton;
  • Bresser Skylux 70mm refractor;
  • Philips Vesta Pro webcam

All pictures made before september 2010 were made using the Celestron C6-N on the EQ5 mount. So tracked & unguided. All pictures made between septemer 2010 and november 2011 were made using the LXD75 and 6″ Meade netwon OTA, also tracked & unguided. All solar images were made with ether the Vesta Pro or PGR Firefly webcams on the Robtics 70mm F6 ED doublet.

Celestron C6-N 150/750mm aiming at an early moon

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