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Single Speeding

Besides gazing at the stars I like to ride my Salsa El Mariachi (model 2014 with a 2017 frame as I managed to destroy the first) single speed mountain bike or All-City Nature Boy singlespeed cyclocrosser. I use the MTB mainly in The Netherlands but occasionally I take it out to Germany, Belgium or France. It’s better to call this bike a All Terrain Biking because well… we do not have mountains here. Only some minor hills which are 300 meters high, at the most. Maaaaaybe 500 in the Belgian Ardennes which are only a 3 hour drive away.

But where I live I am quite happy to make it up to the 80 meter high summits and just repeat the climb a couple of times…

The crosser is used for SSCX events all over The Netherlands and rides in my proverbial backyard.

All-City Nature Boy

All-City Nature Boy


New and improved Salsa El Mariachi 2014 (frame replaced)

Salsa El Mariachi 2014 (with the new frame)






















2014-07-30 12.57.55

Clean again!

At Lübtheen (August 2014)

At Truppenübnungsplatz Lübtheen (August 2014)

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